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Not to blow our own trumpet but…

Coolbrands awarded 2012/13

We’ve won quite a few awards recently including Which? Recommended Provider for our Current Account and we’re on the CoolBrands list again.


We are to banks what the platypus is to mammals. We’re the chess piece that plays hopscotch.
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Video Transcript

[Background music]

Platypus: Thanks, I’ll pick it up later.

Platypus: Like things a bit off-beat, me. So I bank with first direct.

Platypus: Afternoon.

Platypus: They do things differently…

[3 Birds: Dubstep riff]

Platypus: …terrifies the local cats that one.

[Lorry warning speaker: Vehicle reversing. Vehicle reversing.]

Platypus: They’re not into that automated recording malarkey, you get through to a friendly human who just gets things…sorted.

Bernard: Hop on man.

Platypus: Crank it up Bernard!

Platypus: So really first direct aren’t very banky for a bank.

Bernard: See you later my friend.

Platypus: Which suits me. Just your average half mammal, half bird, with flippers and claws who collects second hand vinyl.

Platypus: Oop, Excuse me…and lays eggs.

Platypus: Yeah, yeah, I know, a platypus walks into a bar… I’ve heard them all before mate…

Voice over: first direct. The unexpected bank

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Video Transcript

Male 1: It's quite a big thing to move banks; it's bigger than moving your electricity supplier or something I think.

Female 2: I'd be scared of it all going wrong and my bills and my car insurance not being paid.

Female 3: I've been wanting to but I've been putting it off.

Male 3: It will just be time consuming.

Male 4: Switching a Direct Debit would probably be the first thing that put me off.

Customer 1 : Easyswitch is appealing because you know that somebody else is taking on responsibility and taking on all of the work and all of the administration. I mean you don't have to worry about resetting up new sets of Direct Debit arrangements, that all of that work is being done by somebody else is really appealing to us.

first direct employees 1: We're not pressurising customers into using the 'Easyswitch' service. However we would as first direct would happily take that on board for them and do everything we can to make it as smooth as possible for them.

Customer 2: I just went to the first direct website and I found the 'Easyswitch' section and just used that to change over straight away online, it was really straight forward and easy.

Customer 3: The people were really helpful that I spoke to; they sorted everything out sent the paperwork that I needed. It seemed to all go through quite quickly.

Customer 4: Not sort of a whole sort of mass of small print and indigestible information but very clear about what the various stages would be.

Customer 2: Not very long afterwards they sent me another letter saying we've sent instruction to these companies the letter tells you to keep an eye on them, it's your bank account after all you have to look after it.

first direct employees 1: With regards to the Direct Debit companies, we do notify all of them and we will send instructions to every company, but we are completely reliant on those companies, so as much as we try and give the best service really that we can give, sometimes we do rely on the customer to get in touch with the companies if they don't act upon the instruction.

first direct employees 2: And we need the customer to continuously monitor the account throughout the process and even in the first couple of months after the transfer date, to see that you know the first payment's going out of first direct and to keep an eye on how the account's running.

Customer 1: There is something about just the friendly attention to detail quality service that we got all the way through the switch that we'd happily recommend elsewhere.

Customer 3: I would definitely recommend first direct for the ease of switch from one bank account to another.

first direct employees 1: We will do everything we can, even if it is just managing a customer's expectations of saying we are sorry this company hasn't updated we may need your assistance along the way, but we will always give you great service from myself and from my colleagues.

first direct employees 2: But it is our job to make it as smooth as possible. That's what we do!

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Video Transcript

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